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Guildford Borough Council


Guildford borough council is the main body of the government in Guildford, surrey. It consists of officers, councillors and other representatives elected through election. The council makes and implements plans for the economic development of the district Guildford. All the building control belongs to this council in Guildford.

For anyone to start a residential or commercial construction, extension and demolition the person must submit an application to the council with detailed purpose.  The final decision of acceptation or rejection depends on council.

The bins and recycling department is also under the control of this department. The street cleaning, the residential waste, commercial waste and recycling materials are also taken care of by this council.

The council is the institution that gives approval for all the projects that are intended to be carried out in the district. For this purpose the council must be informed beforehand so that council can analysis the plan and its benefit to the place and make decision accordingly in a pre-set timeframe.

The councillors and the officer’s work on the local or more appropriately saying lower level issues that are unable to get the desired attention of the central government. The services provided by these officers are related to the refreshment places as parks, services to the residents regarding residential places issues, planning aspects and benefits of business, development of tourism, collection of refuses and recycling material, taking care of streets and the problems of the youth.

Theses councillors are selected for four years through elections. The council is incharge of a non-metropolitan county to work on the issues delegated to it from central government. In a nut-shell, we can say that this council serves the purpose of a lower level government that works for developing of the district.

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