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Guildford spectrum is a sports complex located in Guild, surrey, England. It holds the top position as a leisure complex in U.K. It was founded on 23rd February 1993 with an investment of about £ 28 million. It is basically owned by Guildford borough council.

Guildford spectrum provides a great deal of indoor and outdoor activities/sports. It provides a variety of sports for all age groups & interests. It’s sports variety includes ice skating, swimming, ice hockey, bowling, rover skating, aerobics studio, gym, parties, courses, athletics, soft play, rock box climbing, pit slot racing and the list  just seems to be never ending. It is a complete family leisure complex.

The ice skating rinks are Olympic sized and have been developed keeping in view the safely measures of the visitors. The place also offers the deal of hiring penguins. The swimming area contains highly-equipped  and modern pools where they offer tyre rides, slides and all the fun stuff that a water park must have. The swimming pools are not just a source of fun but also a learning experience under the guidance of teaching stuff with all the safety measures provided.

Tenpin bowling is one of the popular games of this place. It offers balls with different weights for different age groups and level of experience. The bowling area includes 32 lanes. The ice-hockey arrangements are also of professional level.

The complex also arranges parties according to the demands of the visitors in accordance with the interest. The aerobics, gym arena and athletics are also supervised by the experienced instructors to fulfil the purpose of the place completely.
Apart from the above discussed sports, it also offers number of other indoor activities like indoor rock climbing, soft-play, rover-skating and racing. The place not only captures the attention of the natives but tourists from all around the world.

The booking can be made online and it also allows purchase of tickets online.   

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